Karragarra Sea Market


Information, Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the Karragarra Sea Market to be held on

Sunday 25th September 2022

The Karragarra Sea Market is the premier event of the Tide - Redlands Coast Islands Festival.

The event runs from 8.30am – 4pm  

Stall site numbers are limited by the event area. Strict criteria apply.

  • Wherever possible, preference will be given to stallholders from the Redlands Coast Islands region, providing they meet all the application criteria.
  • The Tide: Redlands Coast Islands Festival committee reserves the right to refuse any stall booking. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • Sites will be allocated by the stallholders Co-ordinator. Stallholders MUST use the stall site allocated to them on festival day and site locations will not be amended on the day.
  • Stallholders and vendors who actively seek to reduce their environmental impact and consistently use sustainable environmental practices will be given higher priority.
  •  Food outlets have priority locations for electricity and water.

Closing Date and Payments – Stall Applications can be made through our website tidefestival.com.au, this is our preferred method for submitting your application. All applications must be submitted by Saturday 17th September 2022. Cancellations accepted up until 16/09/2022 – after this date, your application fee will be accepted as a donation and will not be refundable due to our inability to ‘re sell’ your site.

To confirm your site, please pay your site fee into the designated bank account, ensuring you include your name.

Payment for sites may be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT), you will be contacted by the Stallholder Co-ordinator with details.

Commercial business - Please include attached public liability insurance certificate of currency and electrical test and tag registers and food business licence (if applicable) with your application.

Environmentally friendly site – The Sea Market is a plastic free event. To help us achieve this we would appreciate it if you could exclude the use of plastic bags, plastic plates, cups and plastic cutlery. We understand that this may be difficult to achieve but there are many paper and bamboo products available to purchase on line.  We would like to work with all our stall holders to try and achieve this goal.

Site dimensions - All sites are 3.5 metres x 3.5 metres. Additional sites are available on application should you require a larger area. When deciding the size of the area you require, your site must be able to include your entire stall including vehicles, ropes, awnings etc. If you arrive and require additional space it is unlikely you will be able to be accommodated.

Food Stalls - Limited food stalls will be made available. Please provide your menu that you are intending to sell on the day. (To avoid duplication of the same products and to make it profitable for all).  All food stalls must comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2006 and the food safety standards. Food vendors may be required to obtain a Temporary Food Business Licence or must provide a copy of their current Mobile Food Business Licence (must hold a licence in QLD) under the Food Act 2006. This licence must be on display at all times. For more information, or to apply for a Temporary Food Business Licence, contact Redland City Council’s Environmental Health Team on 3829 8569.   This is the vendor’s responsibility.

Bump in/Bump out - The site will be available for marquee set up on Saturday afternoon from 2pm for anyone wanting to get an early start. There will be security on site from 6pm Saturday until the start of the market. Sunday morning set-up is from 5.30am – 8am to coincide with the barge and ferry arrivals. All cars/trailers that are not being utilised as part of the stall need to be parked off site by 8am. A Site Co-ordinator will direct you to your designated site on the day.

We do have a $10.00 hire package available which includes one trestle table and chair if required, as well as $40 for a 3x3 marquee. Ensure you include this order in your application form. Very limited numbers available.

Fees –

Market Stall 3.5 x 3.5 $30 (Food vendors see your application form for costs)

Erection of Marquees – All marquees must be secured to the ground either by pegs or sand bags. This is essential for the safety of the site and will be checked on the day.

Gas Safety

All commercial operators (caravans, mobile food vans etc.) must have a copy of your Gas System Compliance Certificate available for viewing by council if required. Portable recreation (barbecue, camping) LPG cylinders must have a valid 10-year-stamp.

Stall Operating Hours - All stalls are to remain set up and open for the entire operating hours of the event that is 8.30am – 4.00pm (if sold out stalls can be tied up/closed ready for pull down). Due to WHS requirements, there will be no exceptions to this, as vehicle movement may pose an unacceptable risk to the public.

Balloons – No balloons are permitted at this event due to the proximity to Moreton Bay and the threat the balloons pose to wildlife.


Translink/ Stradbroke Barges

We have negotiated a discount for stall holders for all barge trips, for both interisland and mainland trips.   

Interisland bookings

If you are bringing a car interisland you will need to arrive on Karragarra Island on Saturday afternoon and leave your car overnight in our allocated parking area. The earliest barge on Sunday to the island arrives too late for the market.

Saturday 24th September Time table -
Inter-island barge arrives at Karragarra Island at 1.30, 2.45, 4.00 & 5.15.
If you indicated on your application that you wish to bring your car a Promo code will be allocated to you prior to you making your booking.

Mainland Bookings –  Discount fares

The Sunday barges from the mainland leaves Weinam St, Redland Bay at 6.00am & 7.00am, it is a 35 minute trip to Karragarra Island which is the first stop.

If you indicated on your application that you wish to bring your car a promo code will be allocated to you prior to you making your booking.

Onsite parking - You will be directed to a parking location on completion of your stall set up. You are to leave your vehicle parked for the duration of the markets. Due to WHS requirements, there will be no exceptions to this, as vehicle movement may pose an unacceptable risk to the public.

There is overnight parking available should you wish to bring your car on the barge on Saturday. If your car is to be part of your stall site please ensure you tick the appropriate box in the application form.

BIT’S Ferry’s

Sunday Inter - island 25/9/22 Arriving at Karragarra Island at 5.36am,6.36am & 7.11 am

Weather - In the event of extreme weather, market organisers will contact you directly on the number or email address you have provided to advise you if the event will be cancelled. In this case, all fees for sites paid will be refunded. The markets will go ahead in the case of light rain or overcast conditions. 


I acknowledge that I have read, understood and fully agree to the terms and conditions including the equipment declaration detailed in this application by ticking the box in my application.

I also agree that -:

  • I, the applicant as shown above, hereby agrees that the information provided is true and correct;
  • I will comply with all regulations imposed by the Tide: Redlands Coast Islands Festival.
  • That any monies paid will be forfeited if I choose to cancel this application after the 16th September; and
  • Details of my attendance may be released and used for advertising purposes only


If you require further information or support in completing your application, please contact:

Stallholder Coordinator - Shirley Lindsay

stallholders@tidefestival.com.au  or contact on 0411 447 732