Bird Day Out


Three opportunities to accompany experienced bird watchers to spot the feathered residents of our islands.  Be part of citizen science in helping to document the amazing diversity of birdlife found on the SMBI.

Lamb Island | Ngudjuru Annual Bird Count

Sat 24 SEPT - 9am to 12pm

A morning walk surrounded by the natural wonder of Lamb Island | Ngudjuru. Come and join us for the Lamb Island Annual Bird Count. Take part in this long-term conservation project, tracking variations in birds over space and time, aiding our understanding of the environmental causes and impacts in the SMBIs.
We will walk a 3.5km (3hrs) circuit of Lamb Island from the Jetty to the Recreation Club, counting the types and number of birds as we go. The walk is led by Birds Queensland (SMBI) volunteers, keen to share their joy of birds.
No experience needed, just a love of nature, and binoculars will help.
Meet at 9AM at the Lamb Island Ferry Terminal.

Karragarra Island Family Bird Walk

SUN 25 SEPT - 2pm to 3pm

Happening as part of the Karragarra Sea Market (brought to you by SeaLink), this is a short, fun and educational bird walk around the natural beauty of Karragarra Island. This 1 hour, 1.5 km short walk, through a variety of SMBI habitat, aims to provide fun facts about birds and where to see them in the SMBIs for kids and their families.

Want to know

  • how a far the Eastern Curlew flies every year?
  • where the Brown Honeyeater got it's name?
  • where Wood Ducks nest?
  • how to tell the difference between a male and female Magpie?
  • what a Striated Pardalote sounds like?

and more!

Come and take a break among the birds, join us on the Karragarra Island Family Bird Walk.
Bring binoculars if you can, or borrow ours (limited number).
Meet at 2PM at the Karragarra Island Rural Fire Station (behind the Community Gardens)

Russell Island Bird Survey

Mon 26 SEPT - 9.30am to 1pm

Interested in birds and the environment, enjoy nature on the SMBI, want to contribute to protecting our natural world? Join a new conservation activity on Russell Island, tracking variations in birds and their environment over space and time, contributing to our understanding of the environmental causes and impacts on the island.
The Russell Island Bird Survey will be completed in 3 short walks in different habitats across the island, counting the types and number of birds as we go, noting their behaviour, and interactions with their environment. The walks will be preceded by a 30min introductory talk on bird survey methodology and its purpose.
This is a Citizen Science project, kicking off as part of TIDE, to be continued as a long-term volunteer project.
Please bring your binoculars, and a willingness to observe and record nature quietly. Expert bird knowledge definitely not required.
Meet at 9:30AM at the Russell Island Conservation Corner, 172 High Street.


Contact: Andrea Schafer